S2400 metronome/clicks and quantize off

I was wondering if the metronome/clicks while recording will give you a one bar intro before recording a 2-16 bar pattern? And I was also wondering if there’s a way to turn the quantize off instead of 1/8 or 1/16 per tracks? I’m totally stoked for this beat machine and can’t wait fo make some bangers with it!

Are you asking if there is count in? Yes.
And yes there are all manner of quantize options

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Thanks Flux302! Yes indeed was asking if there was a count in and if the quantize could be turned off. I like to turn it off when doing hi hats.

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Hey Flux, this may be a naive question but with quantize off you’re still dependent upon the max resolution of PPQN setting, right?

Just to clear up confusion (not talking down to anyone but many people don’t know how unquantized sp1200 works) . The 1200 in “high resolution” is its unquantized mode. The 1200 works at 24ppq , this means that the highest resolution it can hit is 1/64t notes. So on the s2400 when you go into the quantize settings, there is a star next to 1/64t this is literally the same resolution as the sp1200 “unquantized” . It gives you that feel.
Moving on from there, the s2400 can go even higher resolution if you so choose. Going all the way up to 1/256t.

So if you want that non-quantized old school vibe, you set it to 1/64t and you are there. If you have ridiculous chops on the pads, go higher.


Thanks for clarifying, Flux! 1/256t (96 ppqn) is high enough. I don’t have crazy chops, but I am a trained percussionist. For me it’s all about capturing the nuance of my playing. For example, connecting drum triggers or a Bop Pad up to MIDI and playing in little rolling or staggered, ghosted hits between the back beat. Since those rolls often have a more logarithmic distribution, the finer the resolution the better. At a certain point though, it’s just better to record an acoustic instrument.

That’s where the live looper comes in