Quantize templates, Save Quantize, real time Quantize

Please add Quantize templates
And also Quantize in real time like Roland MV-8800 has.

Also I would like to save my own Quantize templatets… (. like it is in Ableton )

see the MV-8800 manual :page S-12

Also some video about this Quantize templatets / real time Quantize


Was thinking about quantize templates the other day, that could be very cool! Make templates of your favorite drummers or a nice loop and load it in :slight_smile:

That would be so great.


Def one of the best features of the MV.

It’s been surpassed tho… have you seen Ableton’s groove pool feature? Being able to extract and steal the soul from any sample… and reapply it to any other… man I feel evil every time I use it.

For real, It’s dope just to be able to analyze some of the greatest bassists and drummers and visually see what makes them so funky.

Not sure if S2400 would be capable of wrangling that sort of power (Ableton-style) given the screen size and UI… my guess is it would be clunky…

some groove presets like on the MV would probably be an easy to implement… issue is, I didn’t think you could quantize something already sequenced. If that can be sorted out, just some timing maps added to the list of quantization would be dope.

There’s another feature request for quantize after recording on here, hopefully we’ll get that soon.

I would love a groove pool feature but I’m not sure it would work very good with the resolution of the s2400. The smallest “grid” size you can use when set to fine is about 6ms if your tempo is 100bpm, a lot of nuance and groove would get lost I think.

The Ableton’s groove pool is nice, but I do not like the sloppy timing for DAW sequencers.
I´m very much hoping ISLA can add some “extra” quantise templets…
Also I´m wondering if anyone from ISLA is seeing this post ? ?

Can you elaborate on what you mean by “sloppy DAW timing”?

Reliable Clock, sync, and quantization… all different things. Can you elaborate on how DAW quantization is sloppy? Do you mean the resolution is too fine?

I guess it has something to do with the DAW clock. ( Ableton, Logic )
I´m almost never able to get the same accurate timing/groove in a DAW´s like I get from these older hardware sequencers like Yamaha RS7000, Roland, MV8000, Cirklon 2, MPC60, 3000 etc.

I would say that timing in music is the Key to a good groove, and sometimes I have the feeling the that the computer DAWs clock are not really made to “Compute” with all this music information thats need for a Good Timing ad good music. This is why I prefer hardware sequencers( like S2400) over DAWs…

With this in mind, “Reliable Clock, sync, and quantization” are all the same issues that the DAW´s have ;(