Drum rolls with envelope

What’s the quickest way to program a drum roll with a velocity/pitch envelope through the roll?

Something that’d sound good on the Amen snare for example…

In Ableton you’d use an Automation lane to draw in the velocity, just so you know what i’m on about.

I can do it manually but that’s long if I want a fast roll

Do I need to use note repeat then step edit or is there a faster method?

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If they implemented step sequencing like I keep asking for there would be.

I’d highly recommend upvoting the crap out of this:

Until this is implemented I’ll stick to sequencing externally, and treating the 2400 like an Akai S-Series etc style sampler.

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I upvoted that a few months ago, makes a lot of sense


Ah nice one :slight_smile:

I figured this was the perfect spot to give it a lil bump again, since this is the exact kinda reason why I keep harassing everyone about it. :rofl: It’s so long to do stuff like this on the 2400 currently, so just doesn’t make sense to me to use the sequencer when I can work at least 5-10 times quicker on another one.

Do like using it as essentially an Amiga expander haha. Does work well that way tbf, and can get it to do things you’d struggle to do on the 2400 itself.

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I just read this post and I must say you make a compelling case! I do feel a slight pang of … nervousness when I start using step edit :sweat_smile: F7 and F9 to skip through the void is a good idea.

Also, I know it’s not quite the same but higher resolution TR editing would be one answer to the problem of drum rolls and filling space in the sequencer.

Haha thanks! :laughing: Yeah I’m all for higher res TR too. Just not instead of.

Since that doesn’t change much. It still would be a matter of going into and out of pages constantly. Say I want to do a simple snare roll with a volume automation on each snare, I have to do those 2 things totally separately instead of being able to input note, and change volume (or any other parameter, for that matter) all from the same page.

It’s such a good way of working that I refuse to stop fighting for it lol

I’m just very much a fan of speed and efficiency when it comes to editing. I NEED it, my memory is short, and I get distracted easily… so if I can’t get an idea out quick enough, or there’s too many hurdles to jump over (pages to go in and out of with multiple button presses and combos, for example), it gets super frustrating fast haha.

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I got used to just zooming all the way in on the step editor after a while. Not the biggest deal but agreed that it could be cool to have higher resolution within TR mode. But at least for now we can just zoom.

Well I guess if they implement functions to roll loop like talked here and make the 2400 more DJ friendly :

you could probably make that by just looking at the expected quantization, and move the enveloppe accordingly while recording…