Velocity control of envelope decay and release

Hi, the S2400 really needs velocity control of filter and vca decay and release. I’m using the s2400 with a Launchpad for better control and pad layout. Velocity control of volume is a start, but the key to making samples sound real is soft hits are shorter, and loud hits are longer or more decay. I have a whole Eurorack setup dedicated to velocity controlled envelopes and euro drum samplers. This is costly and I would love to sell it all! This is a shameless humble brag. Seriously Isla people, let’s get some velocity control over all parameters, proper lfos, cv sampling for euro users. You will save me so much time and money. I will send a gift as a thank you!


That is a great suggestion.

BTW, it is also expensive to program complex features like that. Don’t sell your modules just yet. :slight_smile:


100% with this suggestion. My Mirage from the 80s has loads of parameters, including env stages, velocity controlled and a basic LFO so would love to see this on the S2400.

For me enhancing the sequencer (different track lengths, probability, steps locks for all parameters etc) and modulation (LFOs, enhanced envs, mod matrix) options are what’ll make this machine really competitive with other modern samplers. Sound-wise it’s amazing but I’m struggling to see a time in the near future I’ll use the internal sequencer.

That’s the main reason so looking forward to the new update when control via MIDI is expanded so can fully take advantage of the machine with an external sequencer.

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Sounds good. Also, I will add, a sample and hold based on trigger input, not clock division, would be great. That way, I can get a subtle random pitch, vel, filter on each hi hat hit. Every time a hat is trigger via midi, a new random value is chosen. I do this in modular and it makes for less static drums.

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This is a great idea.

I’m still just scratching the surface of this thing, but yeah, I’m always trying to make my drums and other hits less static. Right now I’m using up more pads to create variations on things like hats. It works create but it’s not exactly random and it takes up more pads.

I’m sure there is another way to do this so I don’t use up multiple pads, but still, the above mentioned features (plus the S&H suggestion) are key to my usual style when using euro, other samplers/synths, and ITB.

My samplers that don’t have these kinds of features don’t get used as much; but I should also mention none of them can even come close to the fun I have with the S2400, even as is, and I love my samplers.

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