Do we know Ppqn

Do we know the resolution of the 2400 sequencer?
I would love options like mpc 4000.
Maybe classic all the way up to 960ppqn

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My understanding is 24 like the og but can be increased to 48 in hi res mode. Basically doubling the count so you don’t have to double bpm like you would back in the day.

I see, would love to have an option of mch higher resolution, is definitely possible but maybe folk don’t want that.
Like how the mpc 4000 has 96ppqn or 960ppq as options for unquantized

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I would also appreciate 96ppqn quantization if it were possible, and like greenturtle says the option for higher resolution when recording directly from the pads in un-quantized “tape recorder” mode.

sure, you can just double BPM, but then you have to ask: what is the upper limit of BPM? most of the time it won’t matter too much in real world application. 48ppqn in high res mode seems pretty reasonable, I’m just rooting for the S2400 to match the competition for some of these fundamental specifications.

Hopefully it’ll match my MPC’s PPQN (I have mine set on 960 PPQN).

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Brad has said it is 96ppqn. And you can set the quantization lower than that if you want.

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Hope it can do 960ppqn
I know its often not necessary but can be much better for capturing loose feel or for recording subtle nuances from midi drum pads or v drums.

I think we will be disappointed if we hope that the clock resolution is 10 times higher than Brad has stated it is.

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Yeah could be right.
I might be wrong but I thought I read or heard somewhere that a much higher resolution may be possible.

96 PPQN is fine with me too. I can just change my MPC’s PPQN setting to 96.

max 96ppqn


Oh well, thanks for clarifying Brad.
Maybe I won’t sell my mpc 4000 then.
Congratulations on realising this amazing machine.