Beat repeat timing with fader or pads

Not sure if this has been requested or if its possible already but cant see it here or in the manual.
As a performance tool would be great to have a beat repeat function that is controllable with the fader so you can hold a pad and slide the fader to change the timing of the repeats. as it stands its set to the quantize setting of that track.
or have a mode where you can press Repeat and Multi to enter a mode that makes the pads correspond to different timings (1st 1/2 notes, 2nd 1/4s, 3rd 1/8th, 4th 1/8th dotted …etc) so you can press and hold the pads to instantly create quantised rhythms.

Maybe only possible with one shots or just retriggering the long samples


I haven’t tried so it’s probably off topic but there is a shortcut to change quantize on the fly in the latest os.

So maybe having tap repeat locked with shift and changing the quantize on the fly could give a result close to what you seek.

From what I remember I think the shortcut is in the release notes for the latest update.

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The shortcut is: hold Quantize key while turning encoder or pressing arrow keys.
That changes the default quantization, so it will affect any pad whose quantization is set to default.

I get that is not exactly what the OP is asking for, as it would require three hands to change the quantization while also pressing the pad.


I might be possible with pad 8 :grin:

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More beat repeat functionality would be great.


Not sure if this is too ‘feature creepy’ a suggestion but a beat repeat Multi would be a way to implement this.

  • press tap/repeat + multi to enable
  • 8 pads each have their own beat repeat rate.
  • the sliders adjust the rate for each pad

+1! Having a fader to adjust repeat timing while holding down a pad is a GREAT idea!!


This beat repeat multi would be an awesome way to Implement this


I’m going to +1 this as well.

While it’s amazing being able to set quantize per track… it’s not really useful in practice, and definitely makes things like note repeat a little clunky.

Possible solution: hold down note repeat and press up or down to cycle through note values.

Or the multi-mode solution suggested above.

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+1 for this feature

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I also +1 this, absolutely brilliant idea


that is what you do when you DJ, and is part of the creating mixing process. I believe you could be interested in that other thread below :

in order to be usable, rather than the faders I suggest to use the keys cause we could change then auto looping quantization values with the right hand ‘on the fly’, and press the desired pads with the left one.
we could have a “play” mode on top of the current sequence, or a record mode to print a sequence once the experiment is satisfactory.