Note Repeat Timing Change Shortcut

Feature request - real-time changing of the note repeat time as a performance shortcut to using the Quantize menu.

Currently, the only way to change the Repeat timing is by changing quantize settings. The feature I’m requesting is for the numeric keys to be used to select Repeat timing. At present, pressing number keys while Repeat is engaged changes the pattern. Instead I’m requesting that the number pads could be used to change the Repeat timing. Perhaps this different mode for repeat could be accessed by clicking Repeat twice quickly, as is done to reach other shortcut menus.

P. 12 of the manual (the section about editing list fields) describes existing timing shortcuts tfor list fields:

“For time lists, the keys 4, 8, 1, 3, and 6 correspond to 1/4, 1/8, 1/16, 1/32, 1/64”

Some other key such as 7 could be used to turn on and off triplets, in proposed this mode. 8 would be 1/8 7+8 would 1/8t.

In the feature I’m requesting, the same buttons or select could be used to adjust timing. Maybe use the popup like dialog I’ve seen show up such as “Pattern Temp Locked” in order to display the new Repeat timing.

If you want to hear how awesome this sounds:

  1. Hold Repeat and push some button with a sound that has a fast attack. EX, a kick drum on A1 will demonstrate well. Don’t let go.
  2. Push Quantize and navigate to the Select knob to the track holding the pad you are holding down.
  3. Depress the Select knob and then either press the keys 4,8,1,3,6, or move the Select knob.

It is not the feature you are asking for, but you can press Quantize+Pad to change that pad’s quantization (with the arrows or encoder). You have to continue to hold the Quantize key.

A simple (to program) way to give you what you are asking for might be to allow either the Quantize key or the pad to be held while changing the value. That way, with repeat locked, the pad would repeat while changing the value.


Pretty please!!


This is a really key performance feature of the original 12/1200 - you can change the note repeat time division with the forward / back keys while playing. I immediately missed having this on the 2400.

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You can change the quantization (note repeat time division) while a pattern is playing or recording. And while Repeat is locked and the pad is pressed.

It’s not something you can do as a performance gesture - it requires holding quantize and turning the knob, as far as I know. On the SP-12, you can literally do it with your middle and pinkie fingers while you hold repeat with your thumb, as you are playing a rhythm and changing the pitch with the other hand. It’s a very fluid musical gesture that’s in the original instruments and could be implemented in the 2400.

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Press and release the quantize button to bring up the Quantize screen. From there you can press a pad to scroll to a track, press Enter to edit, then user the arrows or encoder to change the setting while holding down the pad. That works any time, including while playing or recording.
And, of course, on the S2400, Repeat can be locked so it does not take up a finger.

I made one change for the next version: When you press a pad on the Quantize screen, it starts editing, so no need to press Enter.