Completely OFF Quantize setting

The ability to turn Quantize completely OFF by default would be very useful.

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we are working on that, but it will be a small hardware add-on, so far the prototype looks promising:



The ‘Fine’ setting is as near as you’ll get (unless Vlad shoehorns in a Hadron Collider). It is effectively ‘quantize off’. It allows you to use the full 96 ppqn resolution of the sequencer.

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What Im running into is this scenerio… if I have the default set to fine, then I need to pre-plan each individual track quantize. That way when I play with repeating a sample on the fly, it actually sounds like a studder repeat.

I guess what Im asking for is a repeat function that is not linked to the Global quantize setting?? I have a work around where I use I my left hand to press the pad & raise/lower the fader while switching different quantization at the same time with my right hand. Its tricky but can be done. Ill post a vid.


what do you do with the fader?

by the way there is a shortcut to change the quantize on the fly in mixer mode. I think I took a short video of it a few months ago.
Tricky because keys are a bit far from each other from what I remember.

edit: it’s inside the topic below.

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“what do you do with the fader?”

I have pitch on too so the fader controls pitch while I change quantize live. It works similar to the pitch slider repeat function on the Pioneer DJS-1000 sampler.