90s Video Game Ambient Horror Music

I wanted to try something completely different than what I’ve done before. I’ve been following a fantastic Drum and Bass producer @Thought-Forms and his tutorials in creating some 90s style music you would find in various video games. I’m not a gamer myself but some of the music he creates has been really inspiring. Silent Hill, Parasite Eve type stuff. I used some of his techniques to create this piece.

The Prophet X is handling most of the work, I used a sample in the “Ambience” category and stretched it across the key bed. I added some bit reduction to it to give it some character. I used the large Super Plate reverb that’s onboard the PX.

There’s some incidental sound effects as well coming from the PX and run through some onboard delay and reverb.

The S2400 is doing a typical slowed down breakbeat (which was common in this type of music) and pitch stretched it to fit the BPM of the track. I used the onboard analog filters to bring the beat in and out of the track.

Overall, I’m quite happy with it and it got me thinking, I might try and do a full album with this kind of minimalistic music. Very similar to 1990s horror films as well…reminds me of some passages from Carpenter’s In The Mouth Of Madness.

Hope you enjoy!
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