The Chaser

Lately I’ve been watching a lot of 80s Hong Kong action cinema (In The Line Of Duty, Iron Angel etc) and felt inspired to do an original piece.

The Prophet X is doing the DX7 bass, electric guitar and orchestral strings while the ISLA S2400 is doing all of the drum work via some EMU samples (including the famous Orchestral Hit as well.).

Hope you enjoy!

© Everett Dudgeon 2023
℗ Everett Dudgeon 2023


very kool, thanks for sharing. I like the visuals to go along with it.

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Visually it’s right on point. Love the vibe. It’s taken me the 40 or so years to finally appreciate the laser beam style toms but I think they are period correct and effective for the piece! Lots of fun. Any inside baseball on how you put it together would be great!

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Thank you!

Thank you! The samples are all from EMU and I sequenced the main DX7 bass sample from the Prophet X’s sequencer and basically just switched between drum patterns. The strings I played all live manually overtop as well as the electric guitar(Done using the Prophet X’s onboard 8Dio samples).

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