Ballad Of Thunder

One of my favorite trilogies (and also one that is currently unreleased on Blu Ray) is the 80s Italian Rambo knock off “THUNDER”.

I didn’t do a cover of the various scores for the trilogy but instead took a crack at my own original piece inspired by the films.

The main influence was Jerry Goldsmith’s score for Extreme Prejudice which (Like much of Jerry’s work) combined synth and drum machine elements with orchestral elements.

The Prophet X is handling the orchestral strings, brass and thunderous percussion in addition to sounds of the Prophet VS and the famous shakuhachi sample from the EMU library.

The ISLA S2400 is doing a driving beat using sounds from the Drumulator and it’s also sequencing a lot of the Prophet X parts as well.

Hope you enjoy!

© Everett Dudgeon 2023
℗ Everett Dudgeon 2023