And Now For Something Totally Different

And now for something completely different… My girlfriend has been encouraging me to get outside my comfort zone musically and try different genres. We’ve both been listening to a lot of ambient artists and learning different things from [@Thought-Forms]
( Much like how I attempted a 90s horror ambient track with “Nightmare” I wantd to try something along the lines of a 90s jungle type track you might hear in some 90s sports oriented game or film. (Coincidently I just watched a 90s “Skisploitation” film Jump aka One Last Run aka Face The Edge so I was inspired to incorporate that into this video) With this track, I wanted to try two different things: A “non horror” related piece of music and a complete track done on the S2400. Everything you are hearing is done live, off the floor using the ISLA S2400. Almost all of the samples are actually factory samples from artists like @AlexBallMusic and @Fluxwithit with the only user sample being the classic “Amen Break”. Utilizing the analog filters to bring in and out sounds and run through a reverb and chorus via Studio One. I’m actually pretty happy with how this turned out and I hope you enjoy. © Everett Dudgeon 2024 ℗ Everett Dudgeon 2024


Hi Everett, great work. I like your works and videos in general. Keep it up.