32bit sample crashes machine until…[SOLVED]

Had a hard time loading this 32bit sample. It kept crashing the machine. I finally got it to work when I switched the audio engine to “Classic” then back to “HiFi” after triggering the pad a couple of times in “Classic”. :man_shrugging:t5:

Please upload that wav file here so that we can test. Thanks.

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Looks like theyre 32 bit float- I think @av500 either fixed that or said they werent supported. I cant remember off hand.

I downloaded the files to today and the S2400 played them just fine. so I guess the next update will have that fixed…

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By the way just a reminder to say that you gain nothIng when using something different than 16 bit 48khz.

I’d recommend to convert samples if you have time to do it :slight_smile:

I’ve already expressed my wish that we remove support for them entirely, to avoid confusion.

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That second one is in Scooby doo cartoon yes? When they change scene.

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:joy::joy: Sounds very close. I’ll have to investigate further :grin: