Who here has an sp-1200?

I’m lucky enough to have a November 1992 built re-issue that still has the old linear power supply. I believe that my sp was one of the first re-issues built as the release was some time in 1993. I previously owned a 1998 sp-1200 with the switching power supply and while they are close in sound I think my current unit has a bit of a fizzier tone. This could 100% be due to needing a tune up or new capacitors. I also like the skinny slider caps vs the fat slider caps of the later revisions. Anyone else want to show off their love of the sp-1200? I see what they are selling for (2 transactions at the 8 grand mark on reverb recently (!!!)) and I still think I will keep this one until my kids sell it at my estate sale. Anyway here’s my sp in action.


Congrats wooo that’s nice! Yea the prices are crazy. I have a whole SP1200 story, I’ll make it short as I can ha as I’m sure you’ll appreciate this being ranked in why can’t live with regrets and try to make things happen when you can when something pops up ha.

  1. D&D Studios closing down. I still have the frigging email all these years later with an attached xls spreadsheet. I could’ve had not just any SP1200…but a SP1200 from friggin D&D legendary studios…for under a grand. That thing should be in a museum or something! Totally priceless!

I’ve seen someone on NY craigs was selling a nice one for 4500 last year/early this year and I thought wow that’s insane, even 3k is a lot but could understand someone wanting that. But when I saw Rossum themselves asking over 7 grand for the refurb they’re offering, I said, o wow, this is definitely an interesting price range these units are in. I remember trying to pull together 800 for the one in 2003, they may’ve been asking 900, but that’s a story I remember all the time and went back and searched and still have the msg so I wasn’t dreaming ha.

Update, thought others may be interested to see what DnD was selling in 2003 the excel is all wacked out tho. Can’t believe could’ve had this 1200

I’d say if you use it, def keep it, but these prices are wild, same thing with the Roland stuff, Junos, Jupiters, and even the MS101 I remember a few years back getting up there, but still recall my friend getting a Juno for 300, my other friend paying (what we thought at time was wild high) 800 for the blue MS101 because it was the rare blue and had the keytar part to it and in great shape…we looked recently and all that stuff is all over the place too. I like to think deals are def still out there and we can still keep hope alive for cool opportunities.

I missed a “parts only” SP1200 ON EBAY believe it or not, just about a month ago…was most MINT unit I’ve ever seen…seller listed it for $350 buy it now and as soon as I got the notification it was SOLD. :boom: If you search completed listings at the time I’m writing this, it’s still on there.

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Just looked at it again to make sure I wasn’t imagining things and not only is it most mint I’ve ever seen, but that 350 also got you parts, a road case, and free shipping. August 2020. Unreal. Man, may have to add this to regrets ha, I did try tho, but it was gone as soon as I got the notification. :astonished:

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In the Cut!!


thats wild- I cant imagine a parts complete selling that cheap.


Got mine in October ‘03 for $1500. Mint with manual and dust cover. I’ve done all the maintenance over the years and it still functions perfectly.


Big up all, I’ve had her since ‘88


Nice. still use floppies or have you put a lotherek/gotek emulator in it?

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Still loading disks.
Keeping her original.



I am the lucky bidder who bought that D&D SP1200 from Doug Grama on EBay back in the day.
I still have it and it still works good (has a couple of sticky buttons but other than that still in good working order).
It came with a Sam Ash hard case with “D&D Project” stickers on it. Doug said this unit was used on records by KRS-One, Mad Lion, Smif-N-Wessun amongst many others.
Definitely a very special unit with a unique history behind it : )


That’s a keeper!! Put that next to dillas mpc in the smithsonian


WOW! I was thinking when posting that, it may wind up being interesting or worth documenting, and look at this! NICE MY FRIEND!!! :boom: :100: :mechanical_arm:

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Master and apprentice