Which screws do I loosen and re-tighten to steady a slightly wobbly S2400

As the title says - won’t labour the point, I think Brad has mentioned this before that some units are a bit wobbly but you can loosen a couple of screws, settle it and re-tighten then it’s job done … only question is which one?

I’ve not really been using my unit as much as I should have been because of work pressures and all that, but I have to say it’s just a pleasure to work with (wobble aside, which is not at all a big deal).

Feet screws I presume.
My unit was wobbly as well. The thickness of the black part under the feet is not consistent.
I think one of them has a 1 mm difference or something like that.
I swapped the feet position and it solved the problem. I put the unit on a pillow and unscrewed the feet :slight_smile:

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Found the post on the Blue Website - partially being lazy and partially trying to avoid that hell site lol.

slack off the 4 screws at the back and the 4 at the front, then push the machine flat against the desk or twist it a little until it sits flat. then tighten the screws again.

I think it must be the four underneath and at the back that hold on the “hood” of the casing if that makes sense. Going to give it a go now in a minute, will let you know how I get on.

I see. Thanks for sharing the official method for other people.

For me swapping feet worked. Adding a small washer to one of the foot would also work.

Ended up going with the washer option, loosened the screws but just with that the casing wasn’t moving enough to actually make a difference and didn’t much feel like trying to jimmy it. Feels good to finally have sorted this after having it sitting on a beer mat since I got it. Small victories.