Change Feet Height


My S2400 is wobbly when placed on a table top. It seems as though one of the feet on the bottom needs to be adjusted, but i can’t figure out how this works! Am i supposed to just use a screwdriver and loosen it? That doesn’t seem to work.

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Not sure what the thread size is on the S2400 feet, but you could look into some adjustable height furniture feet like these or these.

You’d want to make sure it’s the right thread size and have a nut on there to keep it locked in place, but it would give you adjust-ability and a nice little tilt toward you as well.

Unscrew the foot, use a rubber washer or two, screw it back on?

It worked for me where I swapped the front and back foot on one side and that pretty much cleared up the wobble.

loosen all the screws at the back, bottom and sides that are holding the chassis together (not the gold ones on the bottom though, only the black ones)
press the unit down on a flat surface until it stops wobbling.
tighten all the screws again.