Uneven base or feet?

Hey all, wondering if anyone else has experienced this… My unit doesn’t sit level, it rocks back and forth which is a bit annoying when tapping on pads. Of course I can level it out with a piece of felt underneath one corner but I’m curious if my case is not straight, or if it’s just the feet. Anyone else?



Hi, yeah there is another topic about this.

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Fwiw a large part of the issue with mine was an uneven table.

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I’ve tried mine on several surfaces 2 of which are newly manufactured desks. All of my other gear sits flat on the new desks, and the S2400 wobbles in the same manner on all surfaces… I tend to get fairly scientific about these things lol

Oh yeah, it can definitely be a thing, Isla have noted it - as per the other thread I loosened a couple of screws but the case didn’t free up enough to really make a difference and I didn’t much feel like applying any force to it - I didn’t spend more than 5 minutes - so a washer under one of the feet did the trick. But in my case I realised shortly after that my desk is also uneven as hell.

FWIW mine initially wobbled and I had a something under one of the legs but with time settled out and now it’s great no wiggle at all … maybe the metal needs to adapt to the environment :question: