What Speed SD Card is Recommended?

What speed are the SD cards you’ve been testing with? I’m seeing some great deals on 100MBS cards on Amazon right now.

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this is a great question, only Brad could answer but i imagine the faster the better

also i see he has tested all the way to a 1tb card WTF :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Well speed and size are two different things :wink: there’s no need for an ultra fast card as you would need for your HD camera, any recent card will do

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Interesting. I figured it’d need to be decently fast to read samples in realtime. Thanks for the info!

Audio is a lot less data than video. At 16-bit/44KHz audio is only 5MB per minute (10MB/min for stereo).


Wow! I guess that makes sense though considering those old DR202 samplers had super slow 4MB cards.

I have been testing with two cards, one is relatively slow at 30mbs and has not been problematic. The other is a 100mbs and that one has been fine also


The main problem is speed of copying a lot (gigs) of samples over to the SD card, this is something you wouldn’t want to do over the built in USB as it seems to be USB 2.0/Hi Speed capped at 480 Mbps (this only from me seeing the 2.0 B connector on the back of the s2400, I could be incorrect).

I would recommend going with an SDXC card that’s Class 3 (U3), it supports up to 2 TB and 30 MB/s (minimum speed) at that rating.

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yeah i know, that is why i made two sentences - what amazes me is we can get multi TB on an SD, blows my mind how far we have come

Right!? So wild! All my old beats fit on 1.44MB floppies. I’m gonna be able to put like 20,000 beats on a 32GB card :rofl:


i think my fingers might cave in before i reach 20k :crazy_face:

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Has anyone tested any SDXC UHS-II series cards? I know its probably overkill, but I just want to make sure the S2400 is compatible with the UHS-II series cards before buying a couple of them.

hi and welcome djchino

as yet only the testers or brad can answer, they don’t show much here as they have their own forum right now for beta

tag @bradholland and let us see if he has got any more info on this, he did a video but i cannot point to the right one where he discussed cards sorry

I highly doubt it has the extra connectors needed for UHS-II, it should work but not at the highest speed. You would be paying for too much of an SD card, just go with a SDXC U3.

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Appreciate all the replys! I’m now looking at a SanDisk 256GB Extreme PRO UHS-I U3 SDXC Memory Card.
That should give me plenty of storage and fast save/load times. I’ll upgrade to a UHS-II series SD card later down the road if they end up being compatible & are much faster.

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Coming from Sp1200 Floppy Disc land… Feel that I’m set for life :slight_smile: Honest²


Yeah… SD will be a huge difference!
Not to mention the S2400’s lightning-quick auditioning/scrolling of samples.

My main-sequencer and samplers is mpc60 and s950… have about 15 boxes of floppies. Half of them, already full of past projects/samples/sequences/songs. The other half, free to work with and use (which is nothing compared to an SD card, haha).

Actually, my entire lifetime collection/archive of samples on my computer HD is about 31gb, which will easily fit on one SD, lol.

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memory amazes me how far we have come

i remember my first 10 gig HD, it was huge, now we fit multi TB on a thing as big as my thumbnail :rofl: :crazy_face: :astonished:

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Bruh… I so feel that. Same scenario but MPC60 and ASR10 mostly. Thing is, I can’t see myself switching up after all these years and suddenly start using huge samples. I love to dissect and chop small pieces. So many damn beats gonna fit on a card. A homie who’s been using SD cards for a minute recommended having everything saved on two cards. Apparently just like floppies there’s a small chance they can fail. But unlike a floppy you’d lose hundreds of beats at once instead of one. Thinking about maybe keeping a folder in the cloud too just for safe keeping. This new technology with the old sounds is like my dream come true.


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