SP2400 RAM specs

Is there any indication of how much RAM we will have to play with?

Ah just saw this clip:

31 mins in.

Looks like it’s determined by the size of the SD card…

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Since it streams from the card it may be more useful to look at the limit of each sample size in use. In the overview video Brad posted he said individual samples would is tied to the screen resolution so each would be limited to 64mb. I think he said it would amount to about 11mins of recording/sampling in classic mode and 5 mins in the higher mode.


there are 64 Mb of RAM, all which can be used for sampling. then there are 32 tracks of 2MB each when playing, so if your sample does not fit the 2MB then some features like looping don’t work, but they will still play. in fact it will play WAV files of any length, up to the maximum of 2GB per file…


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A single 2mb track of the S2400 is still bigger than my MPC60’s entire, maxed-out internal-ram, lol.
I am amaze.


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