Weird Slice selection bug

I’m in love with the Digitakt + Isla S2400 combo, amd found it working almost perfectly.

There is however a very weird bug thats preventing me from using digitakts sequencer on multi-mode loop/slice tracks.

Midi CC for slice selection is 15, and when I choose slice 2 , it plays slice 2, if i choose slice 3 afterwards it will play slice 2 then slice 3. If i then choose slice 7 it will play slice 3 then slice 7. Its extremely weird.

If I put it a sequence on digitakt lets say:
Slice 2, then 3, then 7, then 8
It will play 2 2 3 7 8, 2 3 7 8, 2 3 7 8…
So in the first trigger of the sample it bugs out and then works normally, but because of the first slice being triggered twice the order is out of phase.

Can anyone else try this, or might know whats the problem?

This reminds me of a problem that was there on the rossum assimil8or. There was a little latency between the change of the slice and trigger of the slice itself.

I have no idea what your sequence looks like, but can you put the CC-15s a little more before the actual trigger?

Could be wrong and maybe it is totally not what you are witnessing.

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Thats exactly it. I watched the midi monitor on Isla and the note was triggered before the change of CC.
I just put ghost triggers b4 the actual one with CC change

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