Weird bug - ghost samples layering?


  1. I normalized a sample
  2. Tried to save; unit crashed
  3. Did a full power cycle and re-loaded same project from last save point
  4. Incorrect, never loaded Samples from old projects are playing as layers in the current project over the correct samples. The “wrong” samples are also distorted or include bursts of noise not present otherwise
  5. The the heck is going on?

I posted a vid on the FB 2400 owner’s group showing the strange behavior.

I’m just spitballing here, since I have no knowledge as to how the S2400 works under the hood, but this reminds me of how Protools (and other DAWs) can misbehave when files and directories become corrupted.

Was there anything unusual about your samples to begin with? Sample rate, bit depth, file format all happily within spec?

Best of luck - these guys will get it sorted out, I have no doubt, an incredibly responsive team at ISLA.

Honestly, all samples are made in the 2400. All from audio piped into ins 1/2 and sampled at 12 bit.

Weirdest thing is it happened AFTER a power cycle.

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@Ddimartini3 Please zip up your project folder and post a link to it here so we can check it out.

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I’ll try later tonight.


I sent you a pm with the project file.

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