Waveform view for loop slice and multi mode loop slice plays mono samples only on left side

Going into loop/slice or multi mode + loop/slice, samples playback normally, ie mono samples on centre panned channels play back centrally. Opening up the waveform view, they play only on the left. Playing a mono sample on a full right panned channel, still plays full left when in waveform view.

Just tested stereo samples, and they play back as they should, either mono or stereo depending on channel allocation and panning. But I couldn’t get them to playback on one side only in waveform view.

No one else is having this problem? It makes sample trimming a real hassle.

Here’s an audio clip of me playing back a multi pad, plays in the centre, hitting B for waveform view, pad now plays back in the left only. Then back out of waveform view.
It’s also significantly louder, so I guess it’s taking both left and right and playing them both on the left for some reason.

Thanks for the report. Are you definitely on the latest OS update?

If so, can you walk us through, step by step, how you’re coming to the problem? Also, is it with all WAV files or only certain ones? (if only certain, please upload an example file if possible). Thanks.

Yes, definitely the latest update. It think it was doing it with all mono samples, it was definitely annoying while chopping drum breaks. But after a poweroff, trying various samples from storage wasn’t causing the issue. Loading in that specific sample did though. It was sampled through input 1+2 in 12bit. I also have some resamples of the file that all cause it. Other samples from around the same time seem fine.

The step by step was simply having a sample on a pad and going into one of the trim modes, where the base mode was normal, and the waveform mode was playing only left. This is replicable with versions of this sample but I can’t find any others that are making it happen now.

Thanks for the follow up. So are you able to recreate the problem with a fresh project with the sample you uploaded?
Here’s what I’m doing, but it doesn’t exhibit the problem you describe:

  • fresh boot
  • load the ‘honey sanba.wav’ in Track A1
  • enter Loop/Slice mode
  • hit B to open waveform editor

If I do this, the file still plays back panned centre, as it should.
Can you spot what you might be doing differently?

That’s exactly what I did yesterday when trying out samples, and found that variations of that sample were the only ones doing it. Trying it again now, it isn’t doing it! I have also had 7+8 hard panned and listening through the mix outs every time. Samples not assigned to 7 or 8.

It seems the more I try to figure this out, the less often the problem wants to happen. At its worst, every sample on every pad seemed to have the issue of playing full left when in waveform view, apart from the one or two stereo samples I was using.

But I am noticing that waveform view for this sample sounds lowpass filtered compared to the base mode! The filters are wide open in every mode as far as I can see. It doesn’t seem to have loaded the sample with any filter settings from the previous project, they’re all at 20k. Going and setting all the filters in multimode level way down to like 1k then going into multi loop slice and bringing up the waveform did then play the slices with the same filtering as other modes as it should. Settting them all back to 20k and coming back to the waveform, they again have quite noticeable high end rolloff.
This example is full filter going back and forth from waveform view, moving the filter way down and going back and forth, then putting the filter back to 20k and comparing again

The filter thing sounds like normal behaviour to me. If you’re in Filter Multi mode, each Pad will have it’s own filter settings. If you exit Multi mode and go to the Waveform editor, the standard pad filter settings will apply. So effectively, you a sample can have 9 different filter settings (8+1).

If you do get the pan problem again, save the project immediately and upload it here to we can take a look.