Velocity Stacks

What if a track could have multiple samples triggered by velocity? A MultiMode track could be triggered “down” the stack via velocity instead of across the pads.

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Agree- Layered samples assigned to a Pad that can be triggered by velocity, would be a great feature :+1:

This would be great! I’d love to have a 8 velocity layer hihat. A way to have the velocity decide which of the 8 multimode slices to be played would come a long way for me.

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Love this idea +1.

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If velocity could control any multimode would be damn cool.

Either just which slice to play, or filter each pad in multimode slightly less the harder you hit the pad.

Or multimode envelope could have a longer release for a hihat the harder you hit the pad for example.

So basically an option to set velocity as the controller for which multimode pad to play.