Split Multi-Mode

I think it would be interesting to be able to hold down two drum pads, hit Multi Mode, and be able to control one sound on the left 4 pads/sliders, and control the other sound with the right 4 pads/sliders. One could use this during simple programming of a Kick and Snare (for example), where 8 levels of velocity (for example) may not always be necessary. It could save some time, and allow quicker creative changes.

Same functionality, with descending velocity (for example), just defaults to every other level instead of all 8.

Any thoughts?

What about using dynamic pads in this case?

Maybe more velocity controls would be welcome like setting a range for a pad…etc

I’ve been unable to get predictable results from the dynamic pads as they are, so far. But, I do get what you’re saying about further controls withing the velocity menu. That would be a good thing :+1:

A 4 level velocity control would still allow TR style programming with twice the level options of a TR type drum machine.

I think split Multi Mode would also be cool if a person had two melodic samples they wanted to program basic harmony parts on at the same time.

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