Using bottom rotary knob to Fine Trimming start of sample in Loop/Slice - multimode

Problem: When editing a sample (especially a long sample), I want to remain in flow and not go to the screen to edit in waveform view. We can get close with the slider but not fine enough to get the the exact start point.

FIX:: It would be amazing if the bottom pot for each channel could be used as a fine start point. It doesnt seem to do anything now.

Alternative fix: Auto-Transent detection.?


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I think the buttom knob controls the loop point if looping is engaged, I don’t have my machine in front of me so I maybe be wrong.

Fine tune start point would be more useful to me either way :slight_smile:

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Slider 3 is not accurate enuff in your example? That must be a pretty long sample…

Why not fine tune with the encoder?

It’s outside of the waveform editor.

And it’s often the case outside the waveform editor for long samples that the fader for the start point and the knob for the end point are too coarse.

When you want to edit long samples that doesn’t fit into the ram while the sequencer is running, outside the waveform editor is sometimes the only choice.

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This would be in multi mode.

i would have to stop the sequencer,wait for load screen. it just slows us down. trying to figure out a way to not go to the waveform view and stay in “flow”.

We should be able to get to the transient without going to that editor screen. We can get close but we are forced to stop and go to the waveform view for the fine edit.

hope this helps but not his would big a huge workflow enhancement IMO

You can also edit the slice points in the settings menu (Shift+A). That is in milliseconds, which is fairly fine resolution.

Thanks for the tip. Never thought about shift+A. Will try it :slight_smile: