Live fader-controlled reverse & manual slice

As with the akai s612 and Vestax faderboard, the sample start/end points could be shifted on the fly and create granular effects or quickly reverse either segments of a sample or the whole sample altogether. If this were implemented I’d sell my s612 and Faderboard because I can’t find anything else that does this. Also, The old ass akai remix 16 had a weird fader effect for sample selection, as the channel 1 fader being able to control the tempo on the sp12/00 it would be like a quick shift for the midi info and you could cycle through all the sound banks with the flick of a wrist vs. remembering where everything is mentally.

This is already possible. Just go into Slice/Loop mode whilst recording and move the faders. In a forthcoming OS update, you’ll be able to overrride/overwrite slice values too :+1:


Is this without the waveform drawing open?

Does it auto reverse when the end point is placed before a start point?

It seems that the waveform has to be open to do the loop/splice adjustments. It is very different from the orig SP but I admire how much they’ve done to integrate the new desires of the consumer but I don’t think this can do what I’m asking yet. Maybe in a future update…

There’s no kind of “autoreverse” but you can move start and end points without having to have the waveform editor open.

And sometimes having the wave editor closed is the only solution to change points on the fly when the sequencer is running and the sample exceeds the 2MB limit.