USB Midi Sync Time Glitch/Delayed (Studio 1)

Hi There,

When I’m tracking out and using the USB as the clock source with Studio One sometimes the timing is perfect, sometimes it’s completely off. As I let the sounds play with the USB host the distance between the glitch/delay gets more and more noticeable.

Tracking out a snare for instance, if I monitor the audio of the S2400 over the snare I just tracked out there’s a noticeable time difference. My hack this far has been to hit play/stop a bunch of times and/or reset the USB connection as needed until all the sounds are tracked out.

S1 settings below:

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everything you find needs raising

you won’t be the 1st to notice usb clk but never be shy

It says in the manual that MIDI input is still in development. Interesting that it works at all. Obviously some code is there.


Yikes! That’s what I get for trying to get by without the manual…

Good point - I edited the post to reflect your point here :joy: