Midi clock problem

When I send a midi clock from the s2400 to my tr-8s, they do not start at the same time. There is an audible delay. I also tried sending midi clock from the s2400 to my korg xd and i still can hear the delay. I tried it the other way around. Tr8s->s2400 no delay, tr-8s → korg xd no delay and korg xd ->tr-8s no delay. So in other words when the s2400 is master i can hear a delay.

We’ve tested this out today with a tr-8s and find no problem.
Could you walk us through the problem with a video?


It only happens when i press the record button and then press run. in my setup the s2400 is the master and my tr-8s is slave. When i press the rec+run my s2400 starts after the court-in and my tr-8s also starts but with a small delay.
These are my metronome settings

I can stil make a video if you want it.

it only happens when I use the count-in

Thanks for clarifying. We should be able to duplicate and fix the issue.

now fixed in dev. thanks