USB B and External MIDI and MIO XL

Hey anyone have any trouble getting USB Host to work properly?

Here’s my setup:

  • Mio XL: handles all MIDI and USB devices
  • SP2400 plugged in to Mio XL through USB B port (and set up control Moog One)
  • Kordbot plugged into Mio XL through USB B port (also set up control Moog One)
  • Moog One plugged into Mio XL through USB B port
  • SP2400 Sync settings: Clock Src Internal, Control Port USB B, Control Channel 1, USB B Jack all boxes ticked
  • E1-E8 tracks set as pitched

Here’s the issues:

  • Kordbot can control the Moog One (as well as other synths not mentioned)
  • Mio XL recognizes incoming data from SP2400 (light flash when tapping pads)
  • SP2400 does not seem to be able to control Moog One, or take data from Kordbot
  • SP2400 can only take in data from itself (tapping its own pads)

Some quirks I noticed:

  • When in MIDI Monitor mode, nothing shows up when I tap Kordbot and Moog One
  • When going into MSC mode, computer does not recognize it - could this be an issue? I thought SP2400 was class compliant?

If anyone can shed some light that would be most appreciated. Word to the wise, I went through the videos and manual (latest), I understand much, however, my example USB B as source for external MIDI is not covered. Nor are Mio XL as a MIDI Device Router.

I don’t have any specific MioXL knowledge, but if you’re not seeing anything in the S2400 MIDI monitor, then the data is not getting to the USB B port. So my guess would be there’s something not right in the MioXL settings. MIDI Monitor shows everything that’s coming into the S2400 regardless of the Sync Settings.

Also, I doubt the MioXL will support MSC mode. I’m fairly sure it only deals with MIDI class compliancy.

Confirmed - Mio XL does not do MSC mode. It would be cool if it did. Oh well, a cat can dream.