Track gain not playing during sequence [IN PROGRESS]

hitting some buggy behaviour. finding saving loop samples to a pad are very quiet. and then raising the gain - the pad plays ok at expected volume (e.g +15db) when no sequence is playing but then when i hit the pad during the sequence, it is playing at 0db. is this a bug?

are you recording at the highest gain 100? i only use a 100 and i get pretty load samples. you can always stack samples together copy how many ever you want to another pad and record them together

I record at x10 but the issue isn’t the sample. It’s the gain setting in the track settings. Sometimes it’s as is if the sequencer is playing it at 0db, even if the track gain is set to +20db. And then if I jump into track settings whilst the sequencer is playing and literally change the gain one notch up or down then the correct track gain kicks in. But it keeps randomly playing back at 0db when replaying the sequencer.

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Can confirm this is happening to me as well. Same issue.

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