TR Mode Pattern Looping

For live performance or recording, pattern looping would be very cool.
• Holding down 2 steps (eg steps 5 & 12) would loop the pattern within those 2 steps.
It’s a useful feature that I don’t see in the manual.


this would be nice - otherwise known as step repeat

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Plus one for this!

As a live performance tool when in song mode f.ex. - hit one button to repeat the current pattern until you hit the button again and continue the pattern progression of the song.
In a setting where you perform with others playing instruments, that would give flexibility to extend a solo or pump it up if the vibe is really good!

I know the Squarp Instruments Pyramid sequencer got this added as a feature in one of their firmware updates, and it’s a very cool feature. I think the sequentix circlon also has something like this.

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