Note repeat in TR or step mode - can play it but why not record into patt?

we can press repeat and a pad and hear it so why can we not record it?

please don’t say its a performance feature, if i wanted performance features i would not be in TR or step mode - in step mode we are constantly in REC so if i hold repeat and a pad it should record it

in addition to being able to record the repeats while the machine is playing it would be great if we could hold a step and press repeat and it inserts a repeat per our track quantise, or even better using the F keys to add different repeat counts

i understand that TR mode is an add on for many but not me

The key is labeled Rec/Edit. Step Program is editing, not recording. Perhaps one might think that is just semantics, but it is not.

both terms apply to the pattern and the steps inside? i am talking about TR mode

so semantics aside is there a chance of us being able to do it?

Sure, there’s a chance. That is what feature requests are for.

Workflow-wise, I pop back and forth between record and edit all the time to use the unique features of each mode.

ok thanks, i dare say pretty much anyone who uses this primarily as a step sequencer will appreciate having note repeat able to record into seq:

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I agree. The venerable Korg DDD-1 has this feature. So does Ableton Push. I use it all the time. especially nice for varying pressure on the pad while you record synced repeats.

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