The First Power

Hey all. Another track I did recently. I’ve been a big fan of The First Power since I rented it from Jumbo Video when I was younger and always thought it was a bit underrated. This isn’t a cover of the score by Stewart Copeland (yes, drummer of The Police) but it’s heavily inspired by it. Lots of percussion oriented sounds mixed with ominous Fairlight CMI sounds (Copeland used the Fairlight a lot).

The Prophet X is doing the famous Sararrr sample, electric bass, reverse piano, demonic whispers and percussion on an acoustic drum kit.

The Tempest is doing an 808 style hi hat with random panning as well as some Simmons style percussion run through the onboard tuned feedback.

The S2400 is doing the majority of drums/percussion sounds from the CMI library (including the Tibetan chant loop, tabla, timpani, heavy gated snare, shaker, kick drum, finger bell). The S2400 is also doing all of the external sequencing of the PX and general song structure.

Everything is synced via MIDI clock from Mark Of The Unicorn’s Digital Performer.

Hope you enjoy!

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