The best of virtual crate digging - Vintage Obscura & Ezhevika

Ok so not exactly a file exchange, but finding out about Vintage Obscura and Ezhevika changed my world so I wanted to share it with you all. Vintage Obscura is a Youtube channel that doesn’t have any content, just makes playlists, except they’re playlists of endless vintage breaks, acapellas, weird noises, etc… I’ve found some amazing stuff on there that’s made it into tons of my songs.

Quality is sort of a crapshoot but I’ve found that because the S2400 warm, downsampled sound to it, it sort of masks the crappy quality of some of the sounds. It’s free at the very least and good luck trying to hunt some of these vinyls down. Many videos are so abstract it might be the only place you’d ever find them anyways.

The Ezhevika blog generally has better quality but you have to download the entire album and sift. There’s some absolute GOLD in there though. If you’ve got any other good crate digging resources, post them here!

Vintage Obscura on Youtube - new songs are added frequently and new playlists get added every year.

Ezhevika 2020 - check the sidebar for previous years, it goes back to 2006!


Thanks for these!

Nice share. Thanks.

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Vintage Obscura the YouTube channel (I think) is actually an offshoot of the subreddit r/vintageobscura/ ( Subscribe to that subreddit and get daily nuggets dropped to your reddit feed.


dont have my s2400 yet but this is good food for my trusty MPC 4000 . thanks nice share.

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Great share, thank you! Double-bump this thread!

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Thank you! this is awesome!

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Just remembered another one: Vinyl Archeology

You can google that name and you’ll get Facebook groups, Twitter pages, subReddit’s, etc. I tend to like the Youtube playlists the best.


Great stuff to share! wishing well! :earth_africa: :cyclone:

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Adding to this list:

[KB6] Drum Machine samples. All free and organized. Hundreds if not thousands of drum machine samples, archived in high quality sample packs.

Download as needed or pay a small fee to get the whole thing as a zip file.

Also, donate if you can for server costs! Free Drum Samples - Free Downloads - Drum Set - Wav Samples


thanks for sharing this and also to the rest of the shares in the comment field. LOVING IT…

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