Decided to make something out of some old sci-fi radio recordings

Wanted to challenge myself into chopping dialog and sound bumpers into a song. Spent about an hour and a half chopping out interesting bits from the 23 minute episode. Then loaded the chops into my substitute S2400(the SP-16) and made the beat. Wanted to use only that audio from that episode, but drums werent present…

Anyway, here is the track I made:


Curious as to how you did the scratches?

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A bunch of ways to do this, but you can either create a new audio file with the phrases in rough order of how you want them in the song, or load the individual files as you record. I put them all in a seperate crate and did the scratching in a few tracks of the recording.

Sounds really big and clear. Are you using any outboard compression or EQ or do you record straight into the DAW or something else?

Sounds fucking awesome dude…dunno what that sound is, reverse grand piano or deep string…whatever it is its fucking evil…really dope beat, can imagine the work that went it on the scratch bits too…definitely worth the effort

Only way i can get scratching done on my beats is doing it very tediously in drum racks in ableton with pitch envelope and reverse…

It sounds alright but nothing like the real thing…

Few examples of my fugazi fr fr fr fr fresh cuts

The drums were a chopped drum break filled out with Oberheim DMX hats. Everything was done on the SP-16. I have a Black Lion Audio modded KT-2A that it ran through during tracking. I dont hit it that hard on the compression, but just a bit of character. Aside from that, I didnt do too much in the way of effects, the musical phrases I used the Dytronics Cyclosonic Panner to spread them out since they were old mono recordings. The whole mix was also run through the UAD ATR-102. I think I used a touch of chorus and echo on the scratches to also give them some width or movement.


Those scratches sound legit, I wouldn’t have known had you not said anything. All three tracks were bangin- seriously good shit…

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Cheers my dude

Yup. This is my kind of joint. Nicely done.

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