Tap repeat not working in multi mode

So when in Level multi mode or any multi mode , tap repeat doesn’t work at all , sure it worked in previous firmware,

When tap repeat is on in multi mode the pads pressed turn a different colour and only track 1 tap repeats,

I am seeing a bug, but different from your description. Opposite in fact. In multi mode, repeat should repeat the same track at different levels, pitches, etc. But, it is actually working the same as when not in multi mode, that is, different pads repeat different tracks.

Yes same here ,

When I tap a pad in multi mode with repeat on all the pads turn white excepbA1

So exit multi mode go back in and they are back to red

Yes if you have a sound loaded on a track it repeats that sound in multi,but if no sound loaded the pad turns white

Okay, as long as we are seeing the same thing. It’s fixed in dev. There will be a bugfix release in a couple of days.


Yep ok , seems to be the same,great update though, gonna take me a while to try all the new stuff ,exciting stuff

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