Strum mode/Humanizer without using the touch strip

It would be great to see a strum mode or ‘guitar mode’ that acts independently of the touch strip

Currently, this can be accomplished by turning the arpeggiator on, switching the note value to something like 1/32, and then setting the tempo as high as it goes. This will give you a very fast staggered arpeggio that sounds a bit more like a keyboardist hitting the keys with a bit of time in between them. This ‘hack’ way could be improved with an increased tempo range and higher note values (1/64, 1/128)

But it would be great if we can get some settings to adjust (maybe in milliseconds) how much delay between triggered notes in the chord instead of hitting them all exactly at the same time.

Basically a ‘sloppiness’ knob to kind of mimic real fingers playing real piano chords