Broken Chords?

Is it possible to create broken chords, and program which notes will trigger in succession. And the time it will take to trigger the next note in the chords? If not, this would be a cool update to think about.

This is doable. First an arpeggio is a form of broken chord no? In the manual there are instructions for programming custom arpegiator sequences, besides the built in ones.

Diatonic strum mode is also useful for doing this on the fly if that’s what you want. You can do light touches on the strum pad to make your own broken chords with whichever notes you want - more high or low end, or two notes held steady with other notes dropping in

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Yes I agree with what your saying no doubt. When using the touch strip does get you close to what I’m saying. Just need more control of note succession and interval distance, I guess if that makes any since what so ever lol.