Arpeggio is broken

The arp function is completely useless. The repeat function stops working if you change any parameters while on latch and holds notes like on chord mode. This is so annoying that you have to reboot the machine if you want to use its arp function again.

Can you be more specific? Steps to reproduce the problem? We’re not aware of any problems with Repeat or Latch in Arp mode.

Also, check you have HOLD off (click encoder 7).

Yes, I’m aware of hold. The arp starts to behave as if “hold” is on. Plays the arp and sustains the chords notes. I’ll make a video and post it ASAP. Thanks for the quick reply

The forum only allows 4mb files to be uploaded. Try; repeat latch and change the arp division while playing. 4-8-16-32. Mine works only on divisions 8 and lower. After that it holds.

bumping this shortly because arpeggio is definitely wonky in the latest firmware, it is as described by Accatone, I will try to document it more precisely and report back.

agreed, the arp will play the sequnce only once as even if hold is on. the latest firmware bugged it

Hi !
New to this forum, I just got the Kordbot yesterday, and I must say, I am completely disappointed.

  • The arp is wonky, it goes out of time anytime I do anything, especially changing the direction. I am supplying MIDI clock through the DIN port from an ERM multiclock.

  • The MIDI DIN output stops transmitting MIDI every time I stop Ableton, the ohnly way to fix this is to restart the Kordbot or the synth I am controlling at the time.

Overall, I like the idea, but there are too many hurdles when trying to incorporate it into a complex MIDI setup. The only thing I look for in a sequencer is tightness and reliability, and the Kordbot is definitely not there.