New Kordbot user.. possible to 'chord' incoming notes?

couldn’t figure this out from the manual but is it possible to play notes from my master keyboard plugged into the midi in of the kordbot and have those notes become ‘chorded’ ?

essentially would prefer play my weighted keyboard but still have all the kordbot functionality.

the most Ive been able to do is have my controller play notes ‘through’ the kordbot but not have any modifications happen on those keys

I’d have to double check how to set it up but I know that you can assign the pads to be triggered over MIDI. So it won’t turn your C into a C minor 9 or something. But it’s something.

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Similar but slightly different question; can I trigger the mem pads from an external sequencer (beatstep pro)?

I’ve read through the manual and can’t seem to find exactly what I’m looking for. I’m sure there’s a super easy solution.

Hey Lobit12, it’s my question too.
Do you find a solution in the meantime?
I want to use my mpc 60 as mastersequencer going into Midi in on Kordbot and Midi out to synth.
If I do this, I can only trigger the synth but not the key note section in the kordbot.
I’ve tried it the last two evenings without any success.

I found a discussion at gearspace where Brad Holland (Thanks Brad) answered the following:

"Hi, the 12 memory pads can be mapped to incoming midi note on messages, but not the keys.
So, curate a bunch of chords, save them to the memory pads and then you can externally trigger them.

Quantise (to midi clock) has been in the firmware for a long time now.

I will try this today…

I never really read the manual before buying the kordbot but I had assumed it would be able to ‘modify’ incoming notes and chord/ extend them. Thats kinda how I wish/ hoped it worked, but if finding ways to make it do fun stuff separate from my master keyboard. having 2 seperate midi inputs on my MPC helps in that way.

I figured it out, and it’s so simple…

You have to store some Chords at first to the MEM Pads.

Press the Chord you want
after that hold shift and press M1 for example (the red backlight on M1 is activated and you can replay the stored chord)
now press shift and you can store “MEM Trig” on f4
here you can MIDI map the keys from your trigger device (for example on a MPC push a pad)
the note showed up in the display
press “done” and have fun…

My music theorie knowledge is rudimental so the Kordbot really improve my horizon.
There is a lot to explore…

Great tool, I love it