Issues saving chord inversions to memory pads

I can’t save chord inversions correctly to the memory pads on my unit.

In Key+Mod mode, regardless of chord type/root note, when I attempt to save an inversion the unit plays back the chord correctly as I hit shift+Mpad, the pad lights up red as if saved, but when I press that pad to recall the chord, a completely different set of notes plays back, randomly chosen each time I use the same process to save the chord.

Example results : m7, G3, 3rd Inv. expected notes F4, G4, A#4, D5
I’ve saved using the same method to M1-M4

(Aside, in general notes played on kordbot produce notes an octave down in Ableton, the follownig notes are from the MIDI piano roll in Live)

M1 lights/plays back only the note G2
M2 produces no sound / midi notes in Live, G#, A, E, A light up
M3 lights/plays A#7, D8, F8, G8
M4 lights/plays F6, G6, A#6, D7

Pretty frustrating as it’s a large part of the functionality in my setup. Any recommendations for a fix?