Key + Mod Mem Pads not working per manual

When storing chord inversions, they never seem to go to the octave that I played. For example:

I freshly boot my Kordbot, play a Fm7 chord in third inversion, hold shift + M1. Then, when I play the M1 pad, the chord is an octave up from what I played. If I do the same thing with no inversions, it stores the correct octave. If I press f3 + shift, it takes me to “Touch Strip Mask Setup,” so I guess that’s not how I’m supposed to store the inversions.

How can I store the chord + inversion I just played in the octave I just played it? I recently had to update my Kordbot’s firmware but this used to work as expected, storing the last-played chord + inversion + octave by just pressing Shift + M1-12.

Any help appreciated.