Saving Memory Pads

Hi All, I picked up a second hand Kordbot recently when they were out of production after already buying a new S2400 via ISLA. I love the device. Fantastic. Super helpful to get the creative juices flowing. I’ve read the official manual and the summarized version by Sunshine Jones. Also, I’ve searched the forums. The answer I’m looking for is how to save to SD the chord memory assigned to the memory pads to re-load even after power off. Part of my issue is understanding how to switch from one of the dedicated modes (e.g. play mode) to File Manager. I believe I need to use File Manager to save to SD. The manual clearly describes the various modes but I am unclear how to exit a one mode to save my pad memory (or save it within that mode). Sorry if this is something obvious that I’m missing. I appreciate your feedback.

To exit any Play mode back to the system menu, press Alt+F1. Then you can open File Manager and ‘Save Project’.

Oh wow. Easy peazy. Thanks. Will give this a try.