SD Card / save settings non stop problems

Hi there. I had previously been able to format SD cards on my Kordbot and save my settings. Then it began to not save them anymore (even if it did not accuse any errors). I tried different cards and many times to reformat the cards and recreate a system disk, but all kinds of errors keep happening. Sometimes it does format the card, sometimes it says it may need to be remounted, the same with creating a system disk. Sometimes it does, most of the time it says it cannot be created… then when saving a project on a card that was just created the Kordbot will say there’s already a project with that name and won’t accept any new name because always “that name is already taken”. When I try to configure midi channels for the keys or any config most of the time the settings wont stick, if I set midi ch4 for all mod keys and to DIN, USB and wireless, hit OK and go right back int the settings to check them, they will be unchanged. I’m very tired of this. What should I do?