Space invaders

After pong why not :grin:


It’d have to be a mini version. The screen is half the width and a quarter the height of an Invaders screen.


This may fit better.


Gradius with the Konami code? :hear_no_evil:

The S2400 screen is 128x64 and monochrome.

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Hey Mickey it was the first side scrolling game. Plus you could drop the Hex numbers in the code?

Yeah. I’m familiar with it. It had a resolution of 292x240 with 16 colors. I’m saying it would be hard to fit that into a 128x64 monochrome screen.


I was just thinking of a side scolling game that had limited visuals, so if you lost a bit of the top and bottom it wouldn’t matter as most of the action is in the middle anyway :slight_smile:

The colours arent’t that important, black and white would be okay.

It seems that provocative people already want “battleship”. :surfing_woman:


I was hoping for Doom…then again why not buy the arcade machine and reprogram that to sample music?

I really don’t want to over the load the system with easter eggs. Unless there is zero system load / resources then be my guest … still prefer a focus on bugs and fixes though.


That’s where the famous DJ Premier blip sound to hide swearing word come from.

Breakout could be a good one to do…


Someone on the facebook page mentioned ET! I almost died laughing. What a disaster. I would probably throw the SP2400 at a wall in frustration playing the damn game. grin

If a pregnancy test cpu can run doom then the S2400 should be overkill…

for context someone took the microcontroller in a 1 dollar pregnancy test and ported doom to it.

BUT was the test positive? grin


Kinda crazy that no one has spilled the beans about how to get to pong yet! What else am I supposed to do when I’m pretending to perform my beats live?

Kinda feels like they were just yanking our chains and it never made it in to the firmware.

But I’m still holding out hope!

In step edit you need to do a certain morse code to unlock it :wink:



Ahi ahi dont stop make mee laught xD

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Is this for real? If so, any hints? :eyes: