Bigger screen

I would love to be able to see the screen larger. I know it is a hardware issue, but any way I can hook up an old monitor or phone. I just can’t see well enough to edit in step mode. Thank you guys for this box. It rocks


+1! I did see a post on IG where the S2400 was being tested with an external monitor. It might require an external hardware adapter, tho.

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I actually dont have a problem with the screen but I have always wanted a hardware sampler/sequencer with an HDMI out. I believe the MPCX was designed with that originally then they decided against for some stupid reason.

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roland s330 and s550 have this… sort of. theyre from the 80s so its not hdmi but you can get a converter. its pretty cool. it has an external input for a roland mouse.

I remember seeing a post Brad made where he had an external monitor hooked up. I don’t think it’s a feature that’s being promised anytime soon, but it would be awesome to have a keyboard and a monitor hooked up to the S2400.

I also remember him talking about using a Streamdeck with it where you can have ‘macro buttons’ of sorts with labels and icons. That would make the workflow SO much better, especially with the function buttons not being labeled. I really hope they prioritize that one.

It required a mod to the UI board and an HDMI had to be added. So it seems like something they would want to install themselves and I don’t really see that becoming a service they offer, but maybe Mickey will figure out another work around.

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