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Just got my S2400 and I’m super stoked! New to this so please bear with me on this question. I noticed when I load a sound to a pad it plays but when I hit record and make a beat the sound doesn’t play I have to go to the top filter switch and turn it all the way to the right in order for the sound to play. Once I do that I can record what I want and it plays back however if I turn the top filter nob all the way left the sound on the pads don’t play only when I push play/start the sounds play but not the pads. I checked the level and it’s all the way up am I missing something?

If you turn the filter knob all the way to the left, you are setting the low pass filter to its lowest frequency, and it does not pass anything.

Thank you for your reply. I guess when I hit shift and then a pad to load a sound it plays fine when I hit the pad. However when I go to record no sounds play. I noticed the levels are all the way up on the level button. So do I need to always mess with the top filter nob to make sure a sound is playing?

Think of the filters as always on so in a sense yes you do if they were closed when you loaded the sound. All the way to the left, filter is closed (filtering all the sound out) and right is open (not filtering any sound/“off”). I would recommend while you learn the machine, just keep the filters open for audio consistency. Then once recorded maybe play with them on playback to get a feel for how different sounds sound filtered. To do this press the B button underneath the filter so that they’re only engaged during playback.

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Thank you so much that makes more sense to me now. Very much appreciated

Once I try the filters on playback they don’t do anything to the sound

When it’s playing press the B button on whichever track/pad you want to play with the filter on. When it’s lit up the filter will only affect the sounds that are playing

remember this

when you record via live or steps, it records the state of everything as you tap the pads - so if you play back what you recorded and try to make adjustments to filter, pitch etc , NOTHING will change. UNLESS you over ride them by using the buttons - the recorded sequence will still hold the original settings though until you alter them either manually or by recording again

hope that makes sense - it got me a little bit at first as i am not used to this fixed method but it makes perfect sense in its own way - kinda nice to have a new method to think about if a little frustrating at first


Thank you all for the help!

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hey, many of us are scratching our heads with some of the behaviours and we are learning together :slight_smile: