Sounds cutting off sounds in different banks

Its has been impossible for me to make a song with the s2400. I just had the s2400 for a week and I think something is physically wrong with the s2400. Sounds are cutting it each other off and its only 3 sounds triggering. Also sounds from Bank A is cutting off sounds in Bank B. I’m not using up polyphony at all and I’m getting frustrated. Am I doing something wrong? Also Pad 2 glitches and the sound goes to low volume on its own especially when going to different modes on s2400.

click shift+pad

scroll down

what ch. are they set to? banks can cut each other off, it is not always down to polyphony or amount of samples being used

there is a normal setting of

bank A pad 1: ch1
bank B pad1 : ch1
bank C pad 1: ch1

And so on, so what would happen here is a file on bank C pad 1 may cut off sample 1 in bank A pad 1 :wink:

when you say pad2 glitches or volume changes, are you playing a pattern back or tapping pads live?

They are all set to channel 1. Should I switch the channels up? Also, I’m playing pads live on top of pattern I recorded.

yes if that suits, that way they wont cut each other off

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I just tried it with the channels and the problem is still the same. I have drums on channel 1 Bank A and sample on Bank B and Channel 2. Sounds still cutting each other off. I can’t play sounds on top of programmed drum pattern. I’m only using 3 sounds.

are they stereo sounds?

shift+pad will tell you, you can also set them to mono mix in this page if they are stereo

The output is set to mono for each sound. The original sample is stereo. Should I resample to mono?

@nobledru Tracks on the same channel choke each other.
Check out the description on page 47:

I think I got it working now. Thanks guys.

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cool :slight_smile: