Drum Clipping Bug

Hi Iam new and maybe this was covered before but I couldn’t find it so here it goes… I noticed that similar Drum sounds clip each other out. I tried to overlay my snare with a clap and the clap made the snare clip out. I then tried to overlay kicks and the same thing happened and then I tried to use Sub Bass with a synth bass sound together and one clipped out the other. Seems like a bug where sounds in the same categories cancel each other out. Kicks cancel Kicks, Snares cancel Snares etc etc. Anyone experience this???

Wave interference rather than Frequency Interference is unlikely. Have you tried changing the Envelopes?

No its definitely not Wave interference or frequency related because I can load the same sounds in my MPC and there are no issues replicating the same beats, same sounds overlayed exactly the same. Its like the sounds are competing for the same pad space but they are of course on separate pads but one sound seems to stop the other one short making it clip which sounds awful and it only happens with sounds labeled under the same category so Bass clips bass, Snare clips Snare and so on.

Are you assigning these similar drum sounds to the same channel? If so they are choking each other.

No these are separate sounds on separate pads/channels and yes they do sound like they are being choked out. I just got this unit so I have only listened back thru headphones.

How are your Alt. Channel settings for each track you’re using? If it’s a choking issue it may help if you describe precisely your tracks settings.

Yeah apparently it is the Channel limitation. Sheesh I thought this this was going to be an SP-1200 but updated for modern times. 32 pads should equal 32 channels routing even with 8 outs my MPC 60 never had these limitations. The S2400 is but like a tanka very cool nostalgic piece indeed but this needs to be corrected. I am not generally a 1-2-1-12 Boom Bap producer, I use multiple sounds overlaid and at least 13-18 tracks. Maybe I have it set up wrong after all it is my second day with this thing…on the positive side I will be making a ton of Drumkits and uploading for everyone to enjoy shortly.

You don’t have it wrong. The machine is designed like this. As it is a limitation that has a big impact it might be adressed in the future. It can be a reason for people not to use the machine or resell it quickly.

With my MPC I used a lot of tracks as well, making complex beats, often reaching the 32 voice polyhpony limit.

With the S2400 I’m keeping it to strict minimal boombap. A 12 or 16 bit stereo sample, 3 or 4 drum elements and that’s it. I create beats quickly, focusing on simplicity rather than complexity. I could spend 20 hours on a beat before, now I m spending 2 hours. This is what I needed to get motivation to create beats again. So right machine at the right time for me.

In your case maybe you can use it via MIDI with other gear? More MIDI functions are coming so I suppose a lot of people will do that when the next firmware is released :slight_smile:

Yeah I love the machine and had an SP1200 for years but Sold it stupidly thinking I would not go back to primitive workflows as the Maschine craze hit and DAWS became Production softwares…Well I ditched Maschine because it has an annoying workflow keep most of my stuff on the MPC’s now until I saw this and thought, Wow a modern SP1200 replacement. I suppose I will keep those nostalgic type tracks on this retro modern nostalgic looking unit. LOL

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