Jamming with more than one bank?

Apologies if this is blindingly obvious. So I’m loving jamming on the 2400 in pattern mode, get a good track going using 8 pads, one channel per pad, then use faders, solos, mutes, filters, repeat etc to jam. If you want to use more than 8 tracks it feels like it all gets confusing quite quickly, but I feel like I’ve seen old school 1200/12 workflows where people used several banks etc. Are there any tips/tricks I’m missing to make the live jamming part easier across more than one bank?

i think the only gotcha is choking and remembering if using files from other banks what will choke what, but this comes down to your organisation and i suppose if you keep a repeatable format across all projects, i dont :rofl:

bank switching is very easy as you know, shift+bank comes down and bank goes up

if jamming i would have all channels in over ride mode - that way i know any changes are made as i do them rather than what are recorded if there is any recorded material being used, that was the cause of confusion for me for a while

Thanks, so you tend to use multiple banks?

yes mate

i would advise if possible sticking to a format though, kick on 1, snare on 2 bla bla - like i say i currently don’t but i am still trying to find my way with it and its weird methods

when i finally sit down to use it seriously i will make a template and stick to it, currently i am kinda fluffy but i will end up having it like this as i use my OT this way

bank a will be main perc bank - i usually keep pad 8 for a loop of my perc, this way i know i can use 7 other channels from the below banks
bankk b as bass and hits
bank c as pads or atmos
bank d as any fx or vocal stabs - if i have spare i will hold another 2 x loop here on pad 7 and 8 - this will be like a mini mixdown loop that i can refer to at points, one would be a break down and one would be like a peak.

i tend to know how many channels i am sparing, as i organise jams in my head as i go and remember where my files are located , +10 years with octatrak doess this to you hheheee


Didn’t even know I had an organizing problem until you offered this solution, great stuff!

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A good way to make sure pads from other banks won’t choke each other while jamming all banks, is to make it 32voice like an mpc3000, hehe :wink:

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hahaha i dare not even tell you about my problems :rofl:

i doubt you have a organisation problem, it just depends how you like to work - if you plan to use such limited instruments as this seriously though , i think it will benefit you if you can develop a mental template

i know IF the 2400 ever gets to a point where i can trust it like i do my octatrack then i will be quite strict with the box and myself, no way i am playing parties/raves and not knowing exactly where each bank and paad is at